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When you buy a barn from Kauffman's Wood Kreations, these toy barns are made for a lifetime and be handed down for another lifetime.

All these barns are handmade and hand crafted by John Kauffman. John is the owner and creator of all these toy barns. John takes pride in building every single toy building that comes out of his shop, making sure every barn passes his picky specs. Every square of these toy barns and buildings are touched by hand in one shape or form.

John uses quality products to build his toy buildings. This ensures many hours of uninterrupted play for your children. As a BIG KID, John understands what children love and like about playing with his toy barns.
John uses ½ inch A/C plywood, sands every piece of wood going on the barns, the buildings are glued and brad nailed together, the insides are stained a natural color to protect the wood and bring the real barn lookout, all barns are hand-painted with a latex paint, there are real hinges on the doors, there are tracks for sliding doors. The roofs have piano hinges so one side opens up and the children can get inside easy and play.

John adds just the right touches to his barns. Depending on which barn it is some of the features are: Sliding doors in tracks, Dutch walk-in doors with real 1 inch hinges and hook and eyes, there are haymow doors that open like the real ones and close with a rope that ties off in the barn, there are haymows that can be removed, stalls with feeder and stall gates with real hinges and hook and eyes.

like there is a toy building for all to love. There are many to choose from but when you see your barn of your childhood or dreams, you'll know. But if there is a special request and something you may want to be customized to your specifications please ask John. He can take one of his barns and make it your own.


John also does replicas of your barn on your farm. John can make your barn from the past, old or new on the farm come alive in miniature. This is for the BIG KIDS who 'still' love to farm, and fill those toy barns with animals and machinery for all to enjoy. John can go off of photos but warns that because he takes pride in these replicas he asks lots and lots of questions to get it just right. He also asks for half of the payment upfront for the project to start.


John can create the toy barn of your dreams. But this doesn't happen overnight and John has other projects going on. BUT don't be discouraged he can make your dream toy barn, just be patient. Get in contact and we will discuss what you want.

John has created many custom replica projects and would be happy to discuss your custom project with you. Email John or give him a call at 515-851-2437. Example of replica projects are shown below.



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