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Hip Roof Horse Barn


This barn measures 24 in wide x 28 in long x 22 in tall. This barn has six stalls with three on each side. There are sliding doors 4 in wide x 7 in tall. There are gates on the inside for each stall going into an alley way. Each stall has a built in feed bunk.

This barn features real looking boards for the stalls. The gates all have real hinges with hook and eyes. There is a removable hay mow floor. Hay can be stacked inside. The hay mow door has a rope attached to it to be pulled and locked shut. This barn can be painted red, white, brown, or any favorite color. This barn has the brow and point with the feel of a real horse barn. This barn is made tough for kids play! It can accommodate different sized horses. It just needs your child's imagination!


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