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Dairy Barn


I did not forget the Dairy Famer! Here is a dairy barn! FUN for your little ones to milk cows just like mom and dad! You just don't have to get up as early with my dairy barn!

This barn features a loafing barn going into the milking parlor. This measures 41 in long x 26 in wide x 20 in tall. The parlor is made for 8 cows to milk at once depending on the size of your cows.

The parlor has a pit and cows can easily get around. There is a sliding door going into the parlor and out a another sliding door. There is a milk room off to the side. The loafing area is big enough for tractors with two set of sliding doors one on the end and one the side. The roof open over the parlor on booth side of the pit. The loafing barn also open up one side of the roof for easy play and access. There is a Dutch door in front of the dairy barn and doors off to the side for the workers.

This barn is always painted nice and I will feature your dairy name on the barn. THIS IS A FUN BARN!


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