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As a little boy John Kauffman played farm for many hours in the dirt, on his hands and knees under a big shady maple tree. John's farm had a toy wooden barn his grandfather built him which was not far from a replica of the real barn on his father's farm. As John got older he added machine sheds and other barns and buildings to his play farm. So thus began the love of toy barns.

But as any little boy or girl we grow up... or do we?

The love and passion of toy barns, toy farm buildings began at an early age. It wasn't until 2008 on a cold winter day John went into his shop and built his first toy barn. His obsession of TOY BARNS then started. John built his first toy barn for his nephew Nick; his smile was as big as the sun. John surprised everyone with the quality and detail of that very first barn. Building a couple of more barns and improving on design and quality, he was hooked on his new found hobby.

John built his toy barns as a hobby and sold then as a side business. It wasn't until the fall of 2011 after the company John worked for closed their doors at that location, that John stepped away from corporate America and decided to do his own business. That's when Kauffman's Wood Kreations took off and is now a full time business making toy barns, replicas, and many other type of buildings.

John Kauffman grew up as a farm boy in Marcus, Iowa (North West, Iowa) and now resides in Eagle Grove, Iowa (located in North Central, Iowa) His strong roots in farm life leads him to believe that these old barns are disappearing from the rural skyline and that the history of these old barns needs to be shared and loved with the new generation of children. The use of these old barns has changed, which is just the sign of the times¦ good or bad, that is one of the reasons John makes the toy barns detailed and durable for children to play with. John wants children to understand what barns are and about what hard-working farm life was and in some instances, still is, but still a great way of life.

John has a Bachelor of Science Degree in agronomy and a minor in Soil Science from South Dakota State University. John is proud to have had the great opportunity to be an Agronomist and work closely with so many farmers and growers over the years. John is excited about this new chapter in his life, KAUFFMAN'S WOOD KREATIONS.

Please wonder, reminisce or dream as you go through the photo of toy barns that John has created and built. If you are 3 years old or 100 years old there is something for you to enjoy.


John Kauffman



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